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I am REALLY liking this Punisher series we’ve got going on. I think many of us would agree that they would tone down Frank A LOT, and well they’re not doing that here. Something I really appreciate.

I trully am hoping for the best with this new movie coming out.

Turok by Bart Sears

Turok by Bart Sears

Silver Surfer, Spider-Nam, and What if?… Age of Utron by James Stokoe

Some Throg for ya. 
You know? I think we can all consider Walt Simonson one of the greats.

Throg by Walt Simonson

Some Throg for ya.
You know? I think we can all consider Walt Simonson one of the greats.

Throg by Walt Simonson

Anonymous asked: Which character do you dislike and why?


marcus Johnson aka as nick fury, jr. although they’ve kinda just dropped the jr part now.


like.. this legit annoyed me. because there’s not two of them.

(well there is but he’s in the ultimate universe). anyway.

this guy will NEVER be Nick Fury. Ever.

so like.. as you know film nick fury is black and played by Samuel l Jackson yeah. Well film nick fury is based on ultimate nick fury who is black.. and based on Samuel l Jackson.

and main marvel continuity (616) nick fury is an old white dude who is a bit like clint eastwood.

So marvel obviously figured any movie fan picking up a comic and seeing a white nick fury would be immensely confused by this so they’ve basically binned the original nick fury who’s been around for 50 years and replaced him with this useless twat.

His origin story was just soooo fucking bad. like. honestly. it’s like a 12 year old wrote it on a napkin with a red crayon during the adverts of an episode of dora the explorer or whatever the fuck kids watch these days. it was handled poorly.


many years ago nick fury had the sex with a black lady and she had a son and he was given the name Nicholas fury, jr but then they were all ‘oh noes the bad guys will get him’ so they changed his name to Marcus Johnson. many years later. bad guys try to get him. and then nick is all ‘I’m your dad’  and then Marcus loses an eye and wears a patch. and shaves his head. and his best friend cheese turns out to be Coulson. and then he’s all ‘I’m gonna ignore the fact that I’ve had the name Marcus Johnson for 99.99% of my life and start calling myself nick fury, jr’ and then shield were all ‘we have no fucking idea who you are so we’re gonna give you a really important top secret job and everyone will just automatically trust you and like you and call you nick fury and not jr or Marcus or mj or whatever’ and then original and best nick fury was all ‘despite the fact I’m still a badass invincible motherfucker, motherfucker I’m gonna just like retire and never be seen again (he’s probably been in like 5-6 issues in 2 years or something) and yeah. fuck this guy. fuck marvel. fuck everything.

if he was white I’d still feel the exact same way. skin colour has absolutely nothing to do with it. I fucking love ultimate nick fury and movie nick fury so calling me a racist because I don’t like this knobber is just fucking stupid. but that’s fucking tumblr for you.

stupid clueless little cuntbags.

I’ve said it before and I’d say it again. I’d probably like this guy if they hadn’t forced him. they’ve had yearsssssss to ease him in to comics.

it was executed badly.

so .. in short fuck Marcus Johnson and his stupid cheesey Coulson pal.

50 years of original and best nick fury just getting pissed on irritates me.


EDIT: and the fact that some top dog at marvel actually read that origin idea and went ‘yes. good. this one’

unless the others were just so bad they made this one look like amazing. *shudders*

Though the task seems hopeless, the mission impossible, not a man flinches, not a man wavers.

Offtimes I suspect that the spark of divinity which all humans seek glows ever unnoticed in their own naked breasts.

—Narration in, The Silver Surfer PARABLE

Jean Giraud, Mr. Moebius; forever shall he be my favorite.

Jean Giraud, Mr. Moebius; forever shall he be my favorite.